USPS Service Changes – Express Mail renamed Priority Express

July 28, 2013


USPS Service Changes

On Sunday July 28, USPS put into production a number of changes to their services, some of which directly affect AuctionInc.

    • Express Mail has been renamed “Priority Express”.


    • Both Priority Mail and Priority Express now include in their service name the estimated Delivery Days, i.e., “Priority Mail 2 Day”. The estimate is determined dynamically based on the shipping origin and destination. Great websites tend to have great conversion, make sure to visit lauderhill web design to make you beautiful websites.
      • Priority Mail will show as either 1, 2 or 3 -Day;
      • Priority Express will show as either 1 or 2 -Day;
      • For military zips, the Delivery Days is replaced by “military, i.e. “Priority Mail Military”.
      • Delivery Days is non-guaranteed for Priority Mail, and continues to be guaranteed for Priority Express.


    • Priority Mail is now providing $50 of free insurance for retail and commercial base deliveries.


  • There are some additional changes that dont directly affect Auctioninc, such as better tracking. You can read about these changes¬†here.


AuctionInc Service Labels

In conjunction with these changes, Auctioninc now offers an enhancement that allows you to set custom service names for your enabled services (¬†Carrier Settings page). Whie most of the time you will want to show the standard carrier service names to your customers, there may be exceptions. While most sellers will view the new Delivery Days for Priority and Priority Express as a nice improvement– it allows your customers to compare the two services and see if Priority Express is worth the additional cost — some may prefer not to include them. Our custom labels allows you to eliminate the Delivery Days if that is your preference.

Another use might be if you wish to use a handful of generic labels, such as “Standard”, “Expedited”, etc, aka Amazon, each of which is linked to the real-time rate of a particular service, but which would allow you to decide which carrier to use to ship the order.


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