PAID Inc. High Tech, High Touch Approach Builds Fan Bases, Sales, Loyalty, Revenues

June 7, 2012

Integrated CRM, Personalized Service Combine for Customer Service Excellence 

Westborough, MA – June 7, 2012 – “Wow, I’ve reached a real person,” is a frequent comment from pleasantly surprised customers when PAID Inc.’s (OTCBB: PAYD) customer service department representatives answer the phone each day.  This warm personal touch belies the high tech interfaces and sophisticated data analysis operating behind the scenes that enable PAID Inc. to track the nuances of every customer interaction and use it to shape future communication and product and service offerings.

Real-Time Reporting “Anytime, Anywhere” 

PAID’s 2012 upgrades to its unified, cloud-based marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) system enable more complete data capture of customer purchases, purchasing patterns, preferences, demographics and other relevant data.  PAID recently completed its transition to a new email service provider (ESP), further enhancing PAID, Inc.’s powerful digital marketing technology.  The comprehensive new automated email and marketing system fully integrates with PAID’s cloud-based CRM system.

PAID Inc.’s customized marketing and customer service system combines the strengths of its CRM system, ESP digital marketing technology and custom-designed data warehouse to record and link every action taken by a particular customer to that customer’s centralized account – whether it’s their VIP experience concert package itinerary, an on-line job in response to survey responses, merchandise orders, phone calls or email correspondence.  The system is customer-based, rather than order-based, and can be accessed instantly, providing for an ever-better customer experience.

The enhancements enable PAID to apply sophisticated behavioral analytics to identify customer patterns and respond to their demands, as well as to predict possible future behavior. Additionally PAID’s cutting-edge ability to track and compare responses from email blasts, special promotions and discounts specific to a client’s fan base, makes it easier for clients to see in critically important detail the results of each of their marketing campaigns while enhancing the customer experience. PAID can monitor clients’ online campaigns in real time to see which products are selling – when and where – and which aren’t, enabling merchandising decisions informed by detailed information gathered from the customer base indicating what it is specifically that the customers want. This detailed picture of buying habits and response to promotions helps build the fan base and fan loyalty and results in greater revenue generation.

“We now have access to real-time data at any time, from anywhere – work, home, or on the road with a mobile device.  This enables us to analyze the impact of our marketing programs as they happen and tweak our campaigns to maximize response, sales and profits,” stated James Moore, PAID Director of Innovation and Development.

Focus on Personalized Customer Service

In a world of automated call answering, PAID is proud to provide live, US-based customer service representatives assigning a single point of contact to guide customers through the entire interaction – from inquiry to order and post-purchase feedback.

As Karen Cole, Senior Director of Customer Service (CS), explains, “We believe the ‘personal touch,’ enhanced by access to data, engenders and cements customer loyalty. Our clients’ customers feel important because one customer service agent will guide them from point A to point Z rather than leaving them to navigate a maze of automated options.  Our integrated systems put all the customer data at our CS agents’ fingertips so they can focus on addressing the customer’s inquiry and make the recommendations best suited to that customer. It substantially shortens order and issue resolution time, leading to greater customer satisfaction. We treat everyone like someone special in order to build the solid relationships that convert them to loyal customers of our clients.”

This winning combination of high-tech efficiency and ‘ personal touch’ has proven to be invaluable for PAID, Inc.’s clients and their customers.
“PAID’s analysis of the data provides a fact-based foundation for the development of strategic marketing programs for its clients which include product development, product mix, brand positioning and marketing campaigns targeted to tightly focused customer segments,” said Rich Rotman, PAID COO.  “The result, which sets us apart from our competitors, is unequalled individualized customer service that PAID is known for, and a world class combination of merchandise services and interaction that are embraced by the fans and customers for whom it was specifically tailored.”


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