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Paid’s shipping calulator patented product, aiShip, offers an ideal solution to providing accurate comparative shipping rates to prospective online-auction bidders. AiShip knows how to handle the always-changing bid of traditional-style auctions, and also works for fixed-price listings. The calculator shows a vendor’s shipping rates to customers before they bid, and takes into account the current bid, and can configure rates to include taxes, insurance, item and order handling fees, etc. The calculator discounts appropriately for multiple items shipped in the same package and handles drop-shipping, and offers many more features. You can provide up to 4 carriers and 38 services to your customers.

Paid’s shipping calculator technology is already in use through the company’s aiShip(TM) software used by hundreds of companies, as well as within numerous e-commerce sites hosted and/or managed by Paid, Inc. The aiShip software is available via

Paid’s patent covers many of the features of the aiShip software, including the real-time calculation of shipping charges for multiple carriers, such as the U.S. Post Office, FedEx and UPS, based upon a location indication, such as a ZIP code, and other characteristics of the item being shipped, such as weight, special packaging and insurance costs. In addition, the aiShip software enables the calculation of shipping and handling charges for shipping multiple orders from a vendor to the same buyer, as well as calculating handling charges from the vendor, shipping insurance costs and sales tax. Unlike many online e-commerce sites that calculate shipping during checkout, aiShip’s calculation occurs immediately when the item is placed in the online shopping cart and it updates as items are added or removed from the cart.

Please click the following link and enter “7,324,968” when prompted for the patent number.


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