AuctionInc, over many years, has developed what is by far the most sophisticated and accurate “engine” for shipping rate calculations available for online use, which is the heart of our family of products. Our “base” rate data, like most rate engines, comes directly from the carriers themselves, but we developed capabilities that go way beyond the functionality of the online calculators that the carriers provide, or the handful of other products that have attempted to develop a workable calculator. Our engine is so unique that we currently hold four patents on our technology.


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Intelligent Packaging for Multiple Items

Where this translation between items and packages really becomes critical is when your order includes more than one item, or more than a single quantity of your item. In order to do this correctly, items must be “packaged” appropriately- and possibly differently- for each shipping service before they are rated.  Our rate engine knows how to best model your real life decisions to construct the correct number of packages for the order regardless of the number of items you are shipping.

Rate Inspector

All of our products provide a mechanism for you to inspect all the specific rate components that make up the final rate, including base rate, surcharges, handling, insurance, etc. Additionally, you can inspect the workings of our packaging engine: how many packages, the weight and dimensions of each, which items have been packed into which box, the rates for each box, etc.

Packaging Materials Weight

Our calculator allows you to factor in the packaging weight separately from your item weights, automatically accounting for the additional weight based on the total item weight in each box. Our configuration setting for this is highly flexible so that final package weight accuracy is ensured.

Dimensional Weight

Your ship rates are determined as much by the size of your packaging as well as weight. This wasn’t always true, but in recent years all our carriers have come to the understanding that the volume of packages is actually more of a factor in their own expenses than the physical package weight, determining how many packages can fit onto their trucks and planes.

USPS and FedEx Flat Rate Boxes & Envelopes- We do it right

USPS Priority & Express Mail flat rate boxes and envelopes remain, sometimes anyway, one of the best deals in parcel shipping (although unfortunately not as good as they once were as prices go up each year) and likewise FedEx boxes for international shipments. Virtually every other cart or calculator we have ever seen completely mismanages supporting these.  If you use these products, our shipping engine will first determine if the items in the order can fit into any of various sizes and shapes of these boxes & envelopes. Then, we compare the cost of the flat rate box to the regular carrier-calculated rate, and finally price the underlying service at whichever is cheaper.  

Handling Charges

We know that postage is only the beginning of what it costs you to ship out a package. You also need to account for the cost of packaging, and packaging materials, time, labor, travel, carrier pickup fees, etc. Being able to account for these additional costs is often the difference between you losing money and breaking even (or maybe even making a little profit) on shipping. Our calculator provides advanced functionality to factor in these charges. You can add handling per item, per package or per order, base it on a fixed amount or a percentage, set a minimum and maximum fee, etc.


You can opt to have our rate engine determine and add the proper insurance cost for the insurance that you use, should the value of the packages in the order exceed your configured “threshold”. Besides the insurance offered through the carriers, our calculator also handles third-party insurers such as PIP, which offer substantial savings. In our eBay calculator, since insurance is calculated based on the amount of the winning bid, bidders can enter an estimated winning bid prior to bidding and see how different bid amounts will influence the final shipping charge.

On-Demand Services

Some services are not available for all items; USPS Media Mail is the best example, which can only be used for books, CDs, etc. You may also prefer to restrict certain items to particular shipping services. Or you may ship from multiple locations that dont all use the same shipping services. Our “on-demand” shipping service setting accounts for all these scenarios.  When you set a service to “on-demand”, you then “flag” particular items as supporting that service, and it is only rated and offered as an option if all the items in the package are flagged as qualifying for the service.

Promotional Shipping Discounts

Want to encourage your customers to buy multiple items? You can set up discounted or free shipping based on the order price subtotal. Multiple levels of discount can be configured, i.e., 20% for orders of $50 or more, and 50% discount for orders over $100. Even more useful, you can even link the discount only to a specified shipping service group. For example, you can offer your discount just for ground services, but if your customer prefers a faster air service, they can still opt to pay full rate.

Drop Shipping

Ship from multiple locations? Our shipping engine supports your linking each item in your order to the appropriate origin. Our packaging engine then separates items by origin so that items from different origins are never packed together (you can also apply this capability to separate out groups of items that can be packed with each other but not with other items– just set up a unique origin for these items linked to a nearby postal code).

Fixed Fees

If you prefer to use fixed fees, our shipping engine provides a variety of configurable options and very flexible management of fixed fee rates, including discounting for additional items and intelligent management of discounting when handling multiple items with different fees. Even more useful, we offer you the ability to establish different fixed fees for different levels of service, i.e., one for ground shipping and one for next day air, allowing you to offer your customers shipping options without using calculated rates. You can also link your fixed fee codes to certain geographical areas, setting up, for example, one fee for domestic shipping and another for international.

Special Carrier Charges

Need to add special carrier charges for your item? We support your including in the rates pricing the fees for a wide variety of special “accessorial” services, everything from Special Handling or Signature Required to Hazardous item. If the carrier offers it, we support it. You can select a generic charge, such as delivery confirmation, and our engine will assess the appropriate charge for each carrier. Or you can select a carrier-specific service, such as USPS Additional Handling for irregular packages.

Delivery and Pickup Options

Our shipping engine supports “Local Pickup” and/or “Local Delivery” as shipping options, and you may optionally set your preferred fees for each.  You may specify which postal code ranges for which these options will be offered, or let us do it and these options will be eliminated when they are not practical, i.e., the origin and destination countries or states do not match.


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