AuctionInc Announces Support for the USPS Priority Mail Regional Flat Rate Boxes

January 30, 2013

AuctionInc is pleased to announce support for the USPS Priority Mail regional flat rate boxes, complementing our existing support for all the retail flat rate products for Priority and Express mail. 
If you qualify for USPS Commercial Base rates (i.e., you print your USPS labels via an online system), you have this entry point configured in AuctionInc (Carrier Settings, USPS tab), and you have selected on the Carrier Settings USPS tab for AuctionInc to support flat rate boxes, our shipping engine will now test the Regional boxes along with the Retail boxes for domestic Priority Mail.
As with the retail boxes, AuctionInc will first determine if the items in the cart (ShopCart) or API call (Ship Rates API) fit into any of the flat rate products (and meet any weight restrictions). If so, the regular calculated rate will be compared to the cost of the appropriate flat rate box, and Priority Mail will be priced at the rate for whichever packaging method is the least expensive.  If the items fit into both a retail and a regional flat rate box, the cost of both these boxes will be considered along with the calculated rate.
This sophisticated intelligence for managing flat rate boxes is unique to AuctionInc, and offers you and your customers the best possible pricing for USPS services.
More details are available in our Knowledgebase article here.


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