AuctionInc. Announces support for USPS Express Mail Flat Rate Boxes

January 26, 2013

AuctionInc is pleased to announce our support of the USPS Express Mail flat rate boxes for our products that support item dimensions, adding to our existing support of Priority Mail flat rate boxes and envelopes and Express Mail flat rate envelopes.


Just like our other flat rate product support, AuctionInc will first test for fit into each of the two available box shapes, and if the cart items fit, the cost of the box is then compared to the regular weight-based calculated rate for the service. Express Mail is then priced at whichever is the better rate for you and your customers, and a flag is passed back to you (in your order, or in our API) indicating which packaging method was used.

As the USPS flat rate boxing is only a good deal some of the time, depending on your package weight and destination, AuctionInc’s unique capabilities in this area are extremely helpful!

Express Mail flat rate box pricing is $39.95 for domestic Express, and internationally either $64.95 (Canada) or $79.95 (all other countries). The two box sizes and shapes are the same as the Medium Priority Mail boxes (and our codes are also the same, i.e., “FRB1” and “FRB2”).


For our cart and “SS” API subscribers, if you already have checked “Use Flat Rate Boxes when appropriate” on your USPS tab of your Carrier Settings page, you are all set. Just look for our flag in the “Shipping & Handling” item of your PayPal or Google Wallet order. And for our “XS” Shipping Rates API subscribers, if you are already sending the “PKG” or “ALL” flag in your FlatRatePackaging element of your Carrier schema, you are all set as well.


As Express Mail can be very expensive (example: 15 lb from MA to CA costs $96.50 at retail rates), the flat rate box for this service can represent a great savings, and gives your customers the option of a fast shipping service at a reasonable rate.



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